Production Introduction

Paper Materials:

Paper bags are available in a wide variety of materials, depending on the weight of the contents. Kraft paper with better tenacity can carry heavier items. Coated art paper is suitable for color printing. But it is suggested to apply the glossy coating or matte coating to enhance beauty. If you need to carry heavier items such as chinaware and glass, you can choose coated solid cardboard. Bag Bank also offers a variety of imported and special paper for your choice. Welcome to ask for more information.

Printing Methods:

The paper supplied by Bag Bank is all eco-friendly. At the same time, soy ink is used to do our share for the earth. Non-polluting and recyclable paper can be printed in 1 to 5 colors or more. However, the ink on kraft paper can’t be as bright as that on art paper. Please choose paper according to the printed picture.Surface Treatment:

Bag Bank provides the surface treatment after printing, such as glossy coating, matte coating, partial varnish, embossing, and gilding. Please choose the surface treatment according to the characteristics of the internal products to make the packaging more beautiful and the products more valuable.

Rope Type:

The general cotton ropes will be used on the completed paper bags of Bag Bank, but you can choose different lengths and colors, shoulder bag or back pack. Welcome to inquire.


Considering the freight cost, the minimum order quantity is 5,000. The order for 5,000 to 10,000 paper bags is folded by hand. The order for more than 10,000 paper bags is made by machines. Bag Bank carefully teaches these cooperative disadvantaged friends to fold the bags by hand, which will not affect the production time.